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Ordering Details

The information you provide to us when ordering is totally private.  We don't share it with anyone.  If you order by credit card, we never see or store your credit card information.  It is ported directly to our secure credit card processor.  When your order is finalized, your credit card information is deleted.

There is no minimum order size.  You can order anything you see listed. Quantities are limited to what you see.  As orders are placed, the quantities go down instantly.  We upload new foods as they become available.

When ordering, you will see a confirmation message appear when your order has been successfully submitted.  If you do not see that confirmation, then your order has not been received.  You will also receive a confirmation email.  If you don't get it, be sure to check your spam folder.  It should be there somewhere.

IMPORTANT: Some items you choose may be priced by weight, so you won't know the exact weight or price until we make up your order.  However, our shopping cart system is designed to put in an approximate weight.  In most cases, the final total price will be close to the shopping cart total price. When we complete your order, the final confirmation email will have the exact pricing.  A copy of that invoice will remain available to you in your login account.



Picking up Orders

If you can pickup your order, you can order from our online inventory at any time.  We will contact you to arrange a pickup time that's convenient.  If you have something in mind, please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section of the order form.



Our Neighborhood Delivery System (Coming Soon!)

As part of our marketing outreach, we are beginning to target specific neighborhoods for delivery.  For that to work for us, we need to deliver all the orders at one time.  The following outlines the process:

  1. We will be publishing an ordering and delivery schedule on our Delivery Options page. 
  2. Customers can place food orders during the "ordering window" period for their delivery location. 
  3. After the ordering window closes, we assemble those orders and deliver them according to the schedule. 
  4. Customers meet us at the delivery location during the "pickup window" to pick up their orders.
  5. For neighborhoods where we offer home delivery, customers living or working within the delivery area can opt to have their orders delivered to their doorstep for a small added fee.

Delivery And Pickup Details

For some neighborhoods, we may offer home delivery for customers within a specified delivery zone. If you choose home delivery, you must leave a cooler in the outside location you specified on your order.  Pick a location where it will safe and out of the sun.  We'll put your order into that cooler.  It's also great to save some bubble wrap from packages you receive and keep it in the cooler.  We'll use anything you leave in the cooler to further wrap your products.  Wrapped frozen products in a cooler in the shade stay frozen nicely.

We reserve the right to refuse any home delivery orders which we deem to be outside our delivery zone.  We'll do the best we can, but we really do need to keep our home delivery customers clustered.  If your home location is a problem, we'll contact you to see if you want to cancel the order or choose the following option.                        

For those who don't want home delivery, or who live/work outside our delivery area, we have an option for you.  We'll be happy to meet all of you at the delivery location during the time specified on the delivery schedule.  It's very important that you arrive during the scheduled time.  We can't wait for you, or be late leaving because you arrived at the last minute.  We typically have a tight schedule.

If you're picking up your order, please to be sure to bring your own cooler/boxes/bags as needed to carry away your food products. 

Things You Need To Know

If you must cancel an order, please call us ASAP.

You will notice that our shopping cart shows a modest assembly cost for each item.  Please realize that charge is necessary to cover our costs for assembling and getting your orders to the neighborhood delivery location.  The added home delivery fee covers the time and gas involved in driving to each and every home or workplace.

Something We Hope You Will Do

Please please please
tell others in your neighborhood about our service.  Anyone you know can order as long as they live in the delivery area or can meet us at that the delivery location and time.  We rely on word of mouth advertising to expand our business and keep delivery costs low. 

Thank you!

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