Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle

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Grassfed Beef Steaks

We carry as many as 11 different types of steak cuts from our 100% grassfed cattle, depending on our inventory at any given time.

Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

This cut is the most tender part of the beef, and highly sought after as the best cut available. It must not be over-cooked! If not cut into steaks, this is the Tenderloin Roast.
2 filet mignon | Approx 0.75 pound @ $24.99/pound = $18.74 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
New York Strip Steaks (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

These are boneless, tender steaks from the hind quarter of the beef. This is a lean steak, typically cut 1-inch thick, that contains the loin muscle and is best grilled to medium rare.
1 New York strip steak | Approx 1 pound @ $10.00/pound = $10.00 + $0.00 Assembly
T-Bone Steak (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

T-Bone Steaks are commonly described as a strip steak with a small, t-shaped bone and a piece of tenderloin. Tasty and delicious, the t-bone is built for grilling.
2 T-Bone Steak | Approx 1.3 Pound @ $12.00/Pound = $15.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Rib Eye (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

Rib Eye Steaks are sliced from a standing rib roast. It is a boneless cut. The excellent marbling in this cut makes it loaded with flavor and helps it remain tender during cooking.
2 Rib Eye | Approx 1 Pound @ $11.50/Pound = $11.50 + $0.00 Assembly
Round Steak (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

Our grassfed round steak is the most tender, tasteful round steak you will have ever eaten. Tender enough to use as a grill steak but conventional recipes are exceptional!
1 Round Steak | Approx 1.4 Pound @ $9.00/Pound = $12.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Porterhouse Steak (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

A Porterhouse is an "over-sized" T-bone steak coming from the point where the tenderloin and top loin meet.
2 Porterhouse | Approx 1.75 Pound @ $13.50/Pound = $23.63 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Sirloin Tip Steak (Scenic Camp Grassfed Cattle)

These come from the tip of the Sirloin. When grilled right, they're tender, juicy, takes on marinades extremely well, and have a robust beefy flavor that a lot of other cuts-for-kebabs lack.
2 Sirloin Tip Steak | Approx 1.6 Pound @ $10.00/Pound = $16.00 + $0.00 Assembly